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I remember the day the sun smiled at me. It was a he that day and it was the end of a misfortune. All it took was a smile, a tiny sparkly smile that somehow left an imprint that will never leave.

I remember the day the rain came pouring hard. It was a she that day, and it was the beginning of a thunderstorm. All it took was a couple of unspoken words and suddenly the damage was one that will never leave.

I remember the day the moon rose on our kingdom. It was a they that day, and it was the start of something ephemeral, but real. All it took was one breath, one gentle puff of breath that will define the years to come.

I remember the day the stars shone on my castle. It was a we that day, and it was the conclusion of a wonderful journey. All it took was a cake, a chocolate cake decorated in images that will never leave.

I remember the best and I remember the worst

I remember the feelings

I remember the faces

I remember the places

I remember, but I’m not good at it.

Because the memories I have of you are nothing but a blank space.

Because the memories I have of myself are nothing but a blurred photo.

Because the memories I have of everything, sometimes, feel like nothing.

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The midnight train passes you by

The ground disappears beneath you

Your one-way ticket weighs heavily in your hand

Gone was the escape to an ephemeral wonderland

Peace comes at a high price

But love is a free estate

Reserved for you to reside in

And so, to you, I say

Purple lights will guide you home

Dreams will catch up with you

The moonrise is your rise

You got it all inside

So live long, you

And long live you

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To the magic of your wristband

And the green globe in your hand

To the events that hurt you

And the events that birthed you

To the thorns you got lost in

And the rosebuds you grew within

To your paradise and your forgotten hero

and the love you carried hitherto

To you, the greatest poem of all

Thank you for the being that you are

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Loneliness never betrayed me

It was the one thing I had that was mine

Then came the rainbow

The world was in colors

It was gone

The sun was shining on everyone’ parade

But the sun was a forgotten stranger to me

And with every second spent outside

My soul died a little on the inside

Why is it wrong to hold on to thorns

When they’re the only thing left to hold onto

Am I deranged

I was told I was

But the whispers of my heart echoed through the day

Calling me to take the highway back home

So I left the world to play with the lights

To search for the only friend I had

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A crumbled castle felt more of a home

Than a house of happy memories

The daylight turned into an enemy

The rays hit all the right spots

But it burned more than it healed

Hate the chaos when it ensues

Miss it when it dilutes

Endless roads diverged before me

I took them all

And I understood from then on

Wherever the light may be

I won’t be

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I write to you to liberate

I write for you to understand

I’m in a world that’s hard to comprehend

Everything may feel deliberate

But it’s not

I write to you to understand

I write for you to liberate

I am me and I am you

But you’re not me

You’re better than me

Please stay better than me

One of us has to stay

So I leave

I write to you and for you

Because you are the world I wish was real

And I am the pain you wish to never relive

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I don’t want what I dream of

I want what I dream of to be

I want to tell a story

I want to stay mum

If talking paid, I’d be gone

Long before the storm catches on

I don’t want what I dream of

And I dream of what I don’t want

Love love and hate hate

But hate is what I practice

And love is what I preach

Shall I do it your way

Shall I make it my way

I don’t want what I dream of

But I want

Then I don’t

It all comes down to one thing

Then nothing

What goes on inside my head, I wonder

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“Sometimes, it gets so tiring to be, and I don’t know what to do about it.”

“It’s so hard to keep pretending. You keep going until you start to believe you’re doing well, you’re moving forward until you realize it’s been a faux façade all along. You constantly trick yourself. How fucked up is that?”

“If it was up to me, I wouldn’t have let someone like me be on this earth. You see, people like me can only offer a bodily existence that’s worth less than a brick. At least with a brick u can build a house, what the fuck can you do with me?”

“It’s lonely by myself, lonelier with others, the loneliest by myself with others.”

“I wish I was never born. On my good days and on my days, it’s a thought that never leaves me.”

“I want to change but I also don’t, and I’m stuck between trying to understand and not understanding at all. Nothing about me makes sense. My mind just fucking hurts to be in sometimes. I love it, I love my imagination but how I fucking wish I was a bit more of a realist.”

“Where do people tired of themselves rest?”



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The rink looks lovely tonight

The photos on your shelf brim with life

Remember the girl in the red shirt?

Her lush golden locks styled in pigtails

Her eyes hid wonders too big for the world to conceal

She misses you

I look at you through the skies above

And you’re there, barely living

That little girl believes in you

I believe in you

We’re here with you

These somber clouds won’t last for long

The rink is waiting for you

So, skate to your heart’s content

Skate to the rhythm of your life

Skate to the rays of sunshine inside you


And live,

Dearest one

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Let me lend you my voice

Push you upwards

Help you gather your roses

The you that’s been starring at me for so long

Give me all you got

And I’ll make everything work out

The you that’s begging to be freed

Loneliness looks dreadful on you

I’ll wash that away for you

Give you all the blessings I’ve got

Take the weight out of your shoulders

Hold your heart and cleanse it

Let me do it

Let me be what you’ve always hoped for

Let me be what you’ve wanted to be

Let me carry your wishes and set you free

Let me help you

Dear me